About Us

Leader in the management of Building rentals since 2001, MSI Gestion Immobiliere is an essential reference whether it is for tenants or owners. Availability and performance distinguish MSI from its competitors and ensure you a personalized service according to your situation and requirements.

Mission statement

Long term vision


01Customer service (listening)

Customer service (listening)

  • Listening to our customer’s needs
  • Respecting our customers, suppliers and partners
  • Insuring speed and punctuality of service
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction during and after the service
  • Adapting our services to our customer requests and to new technical and technological possibilities
  • Implementing of solutions in the event of complaints, dissatisfaction or difficulties

02Accessibility (Innovation)

Accessibility (Innovation)

  • Being available to respond to needs on short notice
  • Optimizing the exchange of information between departments and with customers
  • Providing customers with state-of-the-art tools allowing access to all the desired information
  • Questioning old ways and accepting new ones

03Team spirit (Collaboration)

Team spirit (Collaboration)

  • Team spirit, by way of respectful communication and effective feedback
  • Pleasure at work and adoption of behaviors of recognition of the work of others
  • Mutual trust between managers, suppliers, customers and employees
  • Commitment to the mission and values of the company and those of the customers
  • Pride and sense of belonging that engenders loyalty
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Respect in the performance of tasks (avoid negative impact on others)

04Trust (Transparency)

Trust (Transparency)

  • Insure transparency in exchanges with our customers, among other things by respecting procedures and deadlines
  • Efforts put on the regularity and monitoring of procedures
  • Reliability of information transmitted, services offered and activities provided
  • Uniformity in the quality of service offers, prices and deadlines
  • Compliance with applicable laws and standards (construction, ethics, legal, environmental, etc.)

05Professionalism (Responsibility)

Professionalism (Responsibility)

  • Maintain an appearance, attitude and behavior that demonstrates rigor and credibility
  • Offer a unique and specialized service
  • Take initiatives to improve service, organization of tasks, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Keep abreast of the quality of suppliers
  • Maintaining expertise and skills through continuous training

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